About Us

Mohammadi Pharma is a professional medicine service company, with an independent pharmacy and direct links to pharmaceutical suppliers. We are providing delivery services of medicines, beauty products, health care products and baby foods to our customers while providing them an opportunity of both physical and virtual purchase.

We are also a subsidiary company of Mohammadi Group of Companies, which has been operating with pride in Bangladesh since 1972.

Mohammadi Pharma has the proper licensing for selling pharmaceutical products. Our physical pharmacy store and office are located at Mohammadpur of the capital Dhaka. Our business model is compliant with the regulatory requirements of the Government of Bangladesh and we are fully legally allowed to sell and distribute medicine through physical and virtual means.

Managing one’s medication is not always easy, but at Mohammadi Pharma, we believe it should be. Hence, we offer a new type of pharmacy care, one where clinical excellence meets unique technology to help make the lives of our customers happier and healthier.

Since our inception. we have continued to redefine pharmacy care by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Because, we not only care about your health but also about your life.


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Other Information

Parent Company:

Mohammadi Group of Companies


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